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~Water Wings is a fully illustrated storybook experience with a musical audioplay accompaniment featuring an all-star cast including: Members of Elephant Revival (Dango Rose, Bridget Law and Darren Garvey), The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, Xerephine, The Front Range Strings, and Bluesman Guy Davis. Written, directed and narrated by Gabriel “Gah-bé” Vanaver, and Illustrated by Katherine Breen.~


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“I’ve supported this project wholeheartedly since its infant stages,
and I am so delighted to be able to contribute my abilities for such a thoughtful and curiously creative Project. And surprise! Gabriel had me play the voice of the little fish, which was such a playfully fulfilling experience.”

- Bridget Law

“Working with Gabriel on Water Wings has been an overwhelming experience of self-discovery.  Witnessing the project and Gabriel’s growth over time has brought great joy to my heart! The way everything came together; All the musicians, illustrations and sounds…. The commitment to and flexibility along the way – Fantastic. Incorporating The Super Saturated Sugar Strings from Alaska and Grammy nominated bluesman Guy Davis, plus members of Elephant Revivaland the greater Elephant Collective Community – Brilliant. 
All for the good and the growth of a child and parent’s spirit, may this storybook be heralded and enjoyed by all.”

- Dango Rose

“Gabriel Vanaver is a delightful storyteller, and this project gently but ambitiously reaches out to children of all ages. Working on this project, he afforded me the time to dig deep to use his ideas to create what I feel is the best work that I could. He held this kind of creative space that made me feel comfortable complimenting the story of Water Wings with my ideas.”

- Guy Davis

“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Gabriel and all the artists involved in ‘Water Wings’! I had fun as a composer exploring the programmatic possibilities conjured by the gorgeous art and charming story.”

- Phil Norman

To hear more about Gabriel Vanaver and his process to creating Water Wings, check out this podcast below:

 “It is not enough to survive in this world, we must thrive in this world. I am in the business of investing in the creation of positive energy. I believe that through music, art and storytelling we speak to the heart of the youth. I believe we must go beyond sustainable practices to regenerative practices. That is why I started Water Wings Productions. We weave and share these stories of positive reinforcement and growth to build confidence. When I say positivity I don’t only mean happy — la dee da — bliss. I am talking about working through every aspect of the Self and engaging with life to nurture and cultivate resiliency and sticktoitiveness.”

Founder and Director,

Gabriel “Gah-bé” Vanaver

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